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Clan Ewen is defined as an armigerous clan. This means that it is a clan without a chief, and is officially led by its armigers.

This page shows examples of some of the arms granted by Lyon Court to people with surnames commonly associated with Clan Ewen.






Arms of MacEwan of Muckley, 1743.
Muckley was descended from the MacDougall chiefs, and takes the MacEwan name from Ewan Mor MacDougall of Balinreoch; the lion here is derived from the arms of MacDougall.
Motto unknown

Arms of McEwen of Marchmont and Bardrochat.
These arms are clearly related to the earlier arms of MacEwan of Muckley.
Motto:  Reviresco

Arms of MacEwan of Glenboig, 1796.
Usually in Scottish heraldry, all armigers of the same surname bear related coats of arms, but Glenboig is quite unlike any others within the clan.
Pervicax Recti