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Coat of Arms of McEwen of Marchmont and Bardrochat



A message on the chiefship from Sir John McEwen of Marchmont and Bardrochat, Chairman of The Clan Ewen Society:


As you might know, our Clan has no Chief; we are, indeed, probably the largest and most important Chiefless Clan.

While there have been efforts to secure us a Chief since at least the 1950s, it became especially clear at The Gathering in Edinburgh, 2009, that Clans without Chiefs were firmly in the second rank. We all determined then that a Chief of the McEwen Clan had to be found.

Hugh Peskett, world-famous genealogist, was engaged and, thanks to him, the Lord Lyon is now preparing to stage a "family convention" at which, it is hoped, we might be able to elect a Chief or, at least, a Commander of the Clan.

The Lord Lyon has never before arranged anything of this nature and is feeling his way. He is preparing to contact prominent Clansfolk and societies etc in order to provide a suitable gathering. If anyone feels that they know somebody who they think should be involved, please get in touch with the Clan Ewen Society.

No one is sure how long the process will take or how much it will cost. However, if anyone wishes to contribute to the Chiefship Fund, please refer to the PayPal information on the website.

As this promises to be the best illustration yet of our stirring Clan motto, we hope that this will prove an inspirational event for all Clansfolk.

REVIRESCO! We Shall Rise Again!


On Monday 27th February 2012, the Lord Lyon published the following notice on the website of Lyon Court about the appointment of a chief to the clan





It has been proposed by the Clan Ewen Society, the Ewing Family Association and various individuals of the name that a Family Convention for those of the name, broadly defined, should be convened with a view to the recognition of a Commander. In accordance with the Guidelines already posted regarding the holding of a Derbhfine or Family Convention the Lord Lyon intends to appoint a Supervising Officer in the near future.

David Sellar
th February 2012


On Thursday 11th October 2012, the Lord Lyon published the following notice on the website of Lyon Court about the appointment of a chief to the clan


MacEwan/Ewing Family Convention
Appointment of Supervising Officer

The Lord Lyon King of Arms has appointed the Honourable Adam Bruce, Marchmont Herald of Arms, to be the Supervising Officer for the MacEwan/Ewing Family Convention. It is for the Supervising Officer to agree the procedure for the Family Convention with the interested parties, including a reasonable fee for acting.


June 2014

Sir John McEwen was appointed as the commander of Clan MacEwen


June 2019

The Clan Ewen Society will be hosting a Derbfine in a location to be determined to confirm the position of the Clan MacEwen that Sir John McEwen be appointed as Chief of the Name. This will take place in Scotland on the first weekend of June 2019 at a location to be determined at a later date. It is highly recommended that as many Clansmen and women attend this historic event. We look forward to seeing you all there.

To contact us:

As with any legal undertaking, the process of having a commander/chief recognised for the clan incurs costs. These are paid for through memberships and fundraising throughout the year. Any donations would be gratefully appreciated.