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Maybe you’ve put up your link on social media, but no one has clicked on it yet. Or maybe you’ve had some clicks, but you want more? Either way, there are some simple changes you can make to your link that can increase the number of people who click on it. Here are three things you can do today to get more Click This Link!

1) Write an attention grabbing headline

Make sure your link is visible. Place it prominently on your page or in your email signature, Use a call-to-action. Tell people what you want them to do, such as click here to learn more, Use keyword rich anchor text. This will help improve your click-through rate and search engine optimization, Try a different color or style for your link.

2) Include images

People are visual creatures and we respond better to images than we do to text. When you’re trying to get someone to “click this link”, whether it’s an ad or just a link in your blog post, adding an image can be the difference between someone clicking and someone scrolling right past.

3) Tell the reader what they are going to learn

You will learn how to get more clicks on your links by using effective strategies, you will learn about the different types of links and how to use them, you will also learn about the importance of anchor text and how to use it properly, finally, you will learn about some other factors that can influence the number of clicks you get on your links.

4) Minimize distraction

Although minimizing distraction is not something you can do especially with guest posting (because obviously, it’s out of your control), you can include user-experience as part of your criteria when prospecting.

Quality websites with less distraction such as ads, links and images on the sidebars are a good choice if you want your links to be noticed. In the same way, it is a best practice to make your own website free from any distractions to keep your readers’ eyes on your content, and in content links. This can get many people to click this link