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When you find yourself in need of the services of a Houston family attorney, it’s usually because you’ve experienced some sort of personal injury or relationship-related crisis. While the exact nature of your legal issue will depend on your unique circumstances, there are several common situations that the Houston family attorney handle regularly and know how to address effectively.

1) Quicker Prosecutions

One of the most important benefits of family law is that it allows for quicker prosecution. This means that, in many cases, a family law case can be resolved much more quickly than with other types of criminal proceedings.

2) Faster Divorce Proceedings

Divorce proceedings can be lengthy and stressful. However, when you hire a family law attorney, you will save yourself from the hassle of doing it all on your own. The process is faster and easier with an attorney by your side who knows how to get the job done quickly and professionally.

houston family attorney

3) Legal Help is Available on a Budget

If you are considering divorce, then you might be wondering if you need a lawyer. Legal help being available on budget is the most important factor in deciding whether to hire an attorney. Houston family attorney charge anywhere from $200-$500 per hour, which can quickly become prohibitively expensive for many people who don’t have much money. However, there is no reason to pay a hefty fee up front because many lawyers work with a flat fee that can range anywhere from $400-$1,000 or more depending on the case and your needs.

4) No need to go to Court

At first, it may seem like you can avoid going to court. However, not going to court will have serious consequences. If you don’t go to Court and the other party does, they can say whatever they want about you that is false or untrue and it will be on the record. This is called perjury. The other party could also contact your employer and tell them that you are living in a different location than what’s listed on your tax information, which is a crime.

5) Experienced Counsel at Your Service

Divorce is never easy and when children are involved, it can be one of the most difficult times in a parent’s life. It’s important to have experienced counsel at your service during this time to help you navigate through the process.