From 2d To 3d: The Aesthetics Of Hdb 4 Room Resale Renovation
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From 2d To 3d: The Aesthetics Of Hdb 4 Room Resale Renovation

In order to give an attractive appeal to an already existing space, is when hdb 4 room resale renovation comes into play. The art of escalating the surrounding vistas, keeping in mind the needs and budget of the clients is what is regarded as the job profile of an interior designer. The motive of this field is to convert the two dimensional into three dimensional.

Unravelling the chronicles

The history of interior designing has its roots in ancient India which is evident in multiple references to Shri Vishwakarma – the God of Architecture in Hindu scriptures. The wide spectrum of the field is notable and can be witnessed through the classic examples of Egyptian soul houses, the collective contribution of Greeks and Romans in the form of mosaic floors and the murals in the havelis of Shekhawati region of Rajasthan.

Verve and vivacity of interior designing

hdb 4 room resale renovation

The professionals in the field are entrusted with the task to embellish the place. The sojourn of each project starts with laying out the plan on the paper and finishes, when it is successfully shifted to various arena of the concerned setting. The diversity of the domain varies from deciding baluster to skirting floors to selecting furniture and its marquetry. Hand-picking hues, the choice of cantilever, playing around with patterns and giving final touches to the façade also qualify themselves as an integral part of interior designing.

Ethereal Ethos

The space provided for the metamorphosis might be residential, commercial or from miscellaneous category but the seven guiding principles of the discipline remain constant; balance, unity, rhythm, scale and proportion, emphasis, contrast and details. The ultimate goal is to have an aesthetic yet functional zone, but the first goal is to decide the style. There is a wide variety of styles; traditional, contemporary, nautical, minimalistic, and just to name a few popular ones.


This engaging sector is a blooming field in the nation, since the cash flow is on a rise, hence countering the increasing expenditure with purchasing power. With skills and an innovative mind, anyone can fetch a fortune for themselves in this field, though dedication and hard work always remain pre-requisites. If a person thinks that interior designing requires formal education, then the assumption is wrong because, creativity is in mind. For extraordinary to happen, talent must meet the opportunity.