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Great Tips for The Screened Porch

If you have a glassed-in porch or an all-season room, that’s probably where you’ll be spending most of your time relaxing and watching nature or your neighbors, depending on your surroundings. Although it is likely to be very light and airy, it may need decoration. You want it to be comfortable and cozy but still a little different.

You can make this your woodland hideaway with rainforest decor.

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It is a good place for lots of greenery and plants, whether it’s an open porch with a screen around the window or an all-season room with floor-to-ceiling windows. An all-season room is used throughout the year, so tropical plants are likely to take root in this room thanks to the warmth from the windows and the bright sun.

You can hang hanging baskets in front of each window with fluttering green ivy or flowering plants. You can get metal handles painted or decorated with designs and hang them on windows. If you use flowing green ivy for decoration, you can buy small decorative gold hooks and place them between windows if there is window trim or on top of other windows and run skids across the area. It will give you lots of greenery and add a beautiful touch to the room.

They make a great addition to an open sunroom or porch screen, and for a screened in porch in Rochester, NY, they are generally good for any weather. To add extra comfort to a shaded porch, find a long or rectangular rug or two small squares and place them on your porch. It will help keep out the cold, and these days they come in all colors. Find one that matches your motif in a room or porch.

While you won’t need light during the day, at night, you may want to sit, read and watch nature; small lamps on the nightstands or floor lamps on the back of a sofa or chaise longue work well. For a sunny room and all-season porch, you might consider putting a small fountain in a corner or, if the room is big enough, maybe in the center against a wall, and then put a table and chairs where you can sit and listen to music.


Most fonts are available in packs of various sizes and shapes. There are some simple ones where you filter through a couple of tiers, or you can get creative and get a decorative fountain with multiple tiers and even a pond at the bottom that can contain aquarium type fish.