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How to Use a Family Vision Board?

Vision boards are a great tool for setting and achieving family goals. It can help keep the family motivated and focused on taking the necessary steps to achieve their dreams and aspirations. A family vision board is a visual representation of the family’s hopes and aspirations. It is an effective way of keeping everyone on track and focused on the same objectives.

  1. Gather Your Materials:

The first step in creating a family vision board is to gather all the material you need. You’ll need a large board, magazines, scissors, glue, and markers. You can also use other items such as paint, glitter, fabric, and string to make the board more interesting.

  1. Brainstorm Ideas:

Gather the family together and brainstorm ideas for the board. Ask each family member what their goals and dreams are for the future. Write down all the ideas and create a list for everyone to see.

  1. Choose Themes:

After brainstorming ideas, it’s time to choose themes for the vision board. Each theme should be related to the family’s goals and dreams. Some examples of themes could be health, travel, education, financial goals, relationships, and hobbies.

  1. Collect Images:

The next step is to collect images that are related to the themes. It is possible to find images in magazines, newspapers, or online.  It can also create your images by drawing or painting.

  1. Arrange The Images:

Once you have collected the images, it is time to assemble them into a collage. You can use glue, tape, or special collage tools to assemble the images. Consider how the images work together to create a cohesive theme. It’s time to arrange the images on the board. Place the images in an organized way so that each theme can be easily identified.

  1. Label The Images:

Label each image with a word or phrase that describes the theme. Label each image with a title or phrase that describes the theme. This will help everyone to focus on the goal. It’s also a good idea to add inspirational quotes or phrases to the board.

  1. Hang The Board:

Once the board is complete, hang it in a visible place in the home. It should be in a place where everyone can see it and be reminded of the family’s goals. Some great places to hang a family vision board might include the kitchen, living room, family room, or even bedroom.


Using a family vision board is a great way to focus on the family’s goals and dreams. It can help keep everyone motivated and on track to achieving their goals. By following the steps outlined above, you can create an effective and inspiring family vision board.