Role of a Divorce Lawyer
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The Great Role of a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce lawyers are professional lawyers specializing in matters related to legal separation, such as divorce, annulment, and dissolution of marriage. Most of them are family law experts who deal with various issues related to family and marriage, such as adoption and wills. Couples going through divorce are advised to hire a lawyer who is well versed in the process to protect their legal rights and possibly reach a settlement.

Time is modernizing, people surround themselves with rules and laws, and most need a lawyer.

Divorce has become an important issue, affecting not only a married couple but possibly their children. A divorce lawyer plays a significant role in resolving these cases, which would be best for their clients. A lawyer in Singapore can help you with your Divorce matters, contact Singapore Family Lawyer today.

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People who aspire to become divorce lawyers must go to law school and take family law courses while studying. In addition, they must meet the criteria to practice law by passing the bar exam. Bar exams usually consist of a written test and a character assessment to ensure candidates are morally fit to practice law. Once qualified, attorneys may seek employment in a family law practice to gain the experience they need in this study area.

The main duty of a divorce lawyer is to process divorce paperwork after being hired by any of the parties involved in the divorce. There are times when a couple agrees to a divorce, in which case they may jointly seek a specific lawyer for legal advice and assistance. However, in a contentious divorce, only one party is consulted with a lawyer. Once the petitioner has written and signed the petition, it can be served on the other spouse.

One of the main aspects of this area of ​​expertise is arbitration if a couple decides to end their marriage. The agreement will include an agreement on alimony, property division, child custody discussions, and alimony. Divorce lawyers may also enter a prenuptial agreement or participate in other divorce provisions. For example, if a couple has retained fertilized embryos due to fertility treatment, each party’s divorce attorney should be involved in any decisions related to those embryos.


When it comes to a contested divorce, divorce lawyers can represent their clients in court, especially in specialized family courts that deal with family matters such as child custody and adoption. They can also discuss other issues, such as premarital agreement and post-divorce counseling. In addition, your lawyer may be called to answer post-divorce inquiries.