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Why Choose Plastic Ice Cream Cups For Your Shop?

There is a wide range of ice cream storage and serving products online. These plastic ice cream cups come in different designs with a shallow base, wide opening, and a tall design. It is almost like an ice cream identical to a wine glass. The design is ideally parfaits or sundae cups, which commonly feature multiple ice cream scoops stacked on top of each other.

The ice cream is adorned with different toppings, such as syrup or whipped cream. The sundae cups are transparent, in which the customers see what the ice cream and toppings to enjoy. These plastic ice cream cups come in different sizes. The nine ounces is the most common one, which is typically used for mid-sized sundaes, and 12 ounces is typically used for large ones.

A sundae cup can support plastic lids. It can be used for pre-made ice cream and fresh ice cream products sold through third-party distributors or a freezer. If you also own ice cream or frozen yogurt shop, these plastic ice cream cups are the perfect solution.

Ice cream cup decorating and printing

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Ice cream cups are made from plastic, it is easy to customize to fit your needs. You can print out logos to background colors, patterns, designs, and more. You can add a decorative touch to the ice cream cups to show off or promote your ice cream shop to the customers. Obviously, people usually look after the logo and print on the cups, which leads to their first impression of your product.

Undeniably, beautiful ice cream cups add sales value to your ice cream shop business. A range of customization options for the lids, ice cream cups, and some other products like colored spoons. Ice cream cups extend the brand identity of your business. These plastic ice cream cups are customizable and have a modest minimum order quantity.

You will need to buy a minimum amount of units to apply your custom branding. In fact, a lot of popular ice cream products today show off and introduce their brand using ice cream cups. Have your ice cream business logo and name printed on these plastic cups as a way of your marketing strategy?

Search for a reliable plastic sundae cup supplier near your place and ask for a discount. You will be buying bulk orders, which means you can get discounted prices, especially when you are a loyal customer of the ice cream cups supplier.