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Why drug testing is necessary for the workplace?

To identify if job applicants or employees are using drugs, an employer may conduct an employee drug testing. It can determine evidence of current use of alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescription drugs. Recently, drug testing doesn’t test for damage or whether a person’s behavior is affected by drugs.

Drug testing performs bests when applied on a clear, written policy that is shared with all employees. Together with employee education on the dangers of alcohol or drug abuse. Supervisor training on the symptoms and signs of alcohol and drug abuse. And an EAP or Employee Assistance Program to give help to employees who may have a drug or alcohol problem.

Main benefits of having drug testing in the workplace:

  • Reducing Abuse
  • Drug use in the workplace is continuously growing. Once a business doesn’t need routine drug testing, employees usually have the freedom to use their drug of choice. There are times they’re doing this even on the job. Drug testing in the workplace refrain employees from using drugs. And coming to work high results in them being unable to focus on work.
  • Safety
  • Regular drug testing at the workplace promotes safety and lessens the amount of drug use at a worksite. Employees who perform while under the influence. May lead to an increase in the number of injuries or accidents that happen at work. This fact is true when the workplace needs to use heavy tools or machinery.

The U.S Department of Justice informs that more than half of the accidents happen in the workplace. Occur since the employee is under the influence of alcohol or drug use.  Employees who use drugs during work are also 5 times more probably to file a worker’s compensation claim. This can be expensive for your business

  • Reducing Turnover
  • Drug testing at the work site decreases business’ turnover rates. People who use drugs at work may change jobs many times per year. Needing employees to be sober at work maintains the quality of a job site’s employees high. And can lessen employee turnover by a third. Constantly training and hiring new employees keeps an expense in money and time that a business doesn’t need.
  • Improve Production
  • It increases the production rates of a business when routine drug testing is conducted. Drug-free employees are usually left to choose the slack of lost productivity made by those using drugs on site. This leads to discontent in the workplace. A workplace that is drug-free encourage employees to work and think at their best.
  • Recovery
  • A drug test can be the beginning of a healing process. Some employers motivate their employees who fail workplace drug testing to pursue treatment. The employee can escape the drug, and have a chance to be rehired upon finishing a drug treatment program.

Nowadays, it is highly recommended to use expanded test panels for a lot of common combinations of drugs. It is also important to partner with a credited and highly reputable drug testing providing company. For an accurate and faster drug testing result. This saves time on constant research and decreases the risk of inaccurate results.